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Afro Samurai Means Business

Posted by viveknarain on January 15, 2008

Well since this will serve as my first post, I have to start with a disclaimer.

I am not a fan of anime.

So when you read the blog title and start to think, “Look at this anime lover,” you must realize that this is far from the truth because I hate anime. I think it’s a stupid, over saturated and over hyped form of trivial entertainment that amounts to nothing more than a glorified coloring book for idiots. That being said, I watched Afro Samurai last night, and it completely blew me away.

Afro Samurai

No joke man, Afro Samurai kicks some serious ass, and it has singlehandedly given me faith that good anime exists in this world. Maybe I’m biased because I love Kung Fu movies, but Afro Samurai takes the vintage feel of classic Kung Fu brutality and style, and infuses it with completely kick ass fighting scenes to produce one of the most epic and violent stories I have ever seen played out before my eyes. Simply put, Afro Samurai rules, and I know this seems like a random post for my inaugural piece of writing, but I loved Afro Samurai so much that I had to share my feelings with the world right away. I highly recommend Afro Samurai to anyone who likes awesome action flicks.


One Response to “Afro Samurai Means Business”

  1. Majida said

    I admire your writing Vivek. I don’t know how you create all this.

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