Vivek Narain on Life

The musings of a man preparing for a mission

Vivek Narain – About me

My name is Vivek Narain and I’m a 24 year old college grad working at a Big Box retailer that rhymes with CAP. When I’m not working, I spend time trying to get more money, which I often do by volunteering for medical testing, which sounds weird but you can get some good money doing some very simple shit. My biggest goal in life is to find my father, I just bought a mini bus off of craigslist that I’m going to use to find him. My dad’s a trucker, so he could be anywhere, but as soon as I fix up this bus I’m going to go looking for him. Think of it as my hero’s journey. I love Kung Fu movies and I secretly love all things Kevin Costner. This blog will serve as my personal take on life.


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